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Are we sure that Corbyn’s Labour would lose in 2020?

So, judging by the panic and the increasingly desperate attempts by John Mann MP to oust him from the Labour leadership contest, it seems there are now real prospects that Jeremy Corbyn may actually become the next leader of Her … Continue reading

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The LibDem House that Jack Built

Last Thursday at 10pm, we all got a shock. A few minutes later, Fraser Nelson tweeted this: He may well have been right. It was certainly surprising, and yet despite the plaudits handed to BBC psephologist John Curtice, it turned … Continue reading

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Labour Lost because of Scotland. It’s that simple. [Almost]

So, the Labour party is having a post-mortem, leaders are jockeying for position and David Cameron has already cracked out the popcorn. We’re seeing senior Labour MPs with their hitherto invisible partners, while commentators have descended from every sphere of … Continue reading

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Dodging TV debates isn’t hypocrisy. It’s politics.

Is ‘hypocrisy’ really the right word to characterise David Cameron’s attempts to wriggle out of the TV debates? Nobody doubts that’s what he’s doing, indeed Labour’s latest campaign video has neatly exposed his inconsistency on the subject. A clever move, … Continue reading

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Prime Minister’s Questions should be just that.

In recent years, there’s been much talk of the decline in Prime Minister’s Questions. In the first instalment of the BBC2 “Inside the Commons” series this week, exchanges between David Cameron & Ed Miliband were labelled ‘juvenile’ by Labour MP … Continue reading

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UKIP and the Greens – why TV debates should include both, or neither

Whatever else you might have read, David Cameron is the comfortable favourite to come out of May’s election as Prime Minister. So he doesn’t want TV debates. Of course he doesn’t. Why rock the boat? He certainly doesn’t want any … Continue reading

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Andrew Mitchell : What Price Justice?

For a few weeks he was the Haughty Tory Toff, then for two years he was the unfortunate (if largely unsympathised with) victim of police corruption. But what, now, do we make of Andrew Mitchell? The truth is, in the … Continue reading

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