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UKIP’s Euro win – why the Tories might be Smiling Inside

Since UKIP’s election success over the past week, much has been made of the Conservatives’ failure to “shoot the UKIP fox” after William Hague announced their promise, back in January, to hold an in-out EU Referendum following a re-negotiation of … Continue reading

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Time for ‘Hero’ Clegg to make the Supreme Sacrifice?

Nick Clegg has been a great leader for the LibDems. He’s made the LDs a party of Government, he conducts himself as Deputy PM with all the statesmanlike qualities one would expect, and still manages, week after week, to emerge … Continue reading

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UKIP is the real indicator of “out of touch” Westminster

Judging by Ed Miliband’s attempt to down-play his weekly grocery costs on “Good Morning Britain” this week, our politicians still seem worried that they’re seen as “out of touch”  with the real lives of the average British voter. It’s a … Continue reading

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